About Mike Giuffrida

Michael “Mike” Giuffrida is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut taking up a degree in Communications. Standing at 6″3, Mike had aspired to become a professional basketball player as early as 12 years old. However, that dream was cut short when he was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition by his family physician. While Mike Giuffrida was in the middle of training, he experienced fainting spells and his chest felt tight, prompting an emergency trip to the ER. From that day onwards, Mike Giuffrida swore that he will not allow his heart condition to rob him the joy of sports.

The youngest son of Michael Giuffrida Sr. and Elen Giuffrida who work as paralegals, Mike Giuffrida was born in Manhattan, but raised in New Jersey in the care of his maternal grandmother. Among his group of friends, he is known as the joker or the guy that cracks a joke when the moment least calls for it. He plays basketball and baseball with his older brother and prefers to keep an active lifestyle by jogging every day in the morning. His favorite basketball player is LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mike is also fascinated by professional poker players who can bluff their way out of a bad hand and still win. He thinks there’s a lot he can learn about poker which can help him negotiate winning deals for professional athletes.

When Mike Giuffrida isn’t busy with school, he can be found at the local cafe in his neighborhood typing away at his laptop and reading up on the latest sports news and blogging. He is a frequent visitor of the subreddit of the Cleveland Cavaliers and spends his free time reading business books.

With hard work and a stroke of luck, Mike Giuffrida ultimately hopes to become an NBA franchise owner.