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Welcome to the news section of my website. I’m Mike Giuffrida and my goal is to become a licensed sports agent for the NBA after I graduate from the University of Connecticut.

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I make it a point to read the latest sports news, especially now that free agency is just around the corner for the NBA. As everyone might know, LeBron James’ future with the Cleveland Cavaliers has been put into question following the Golden State Warriors’ sweep of the Cavs in the recently concluded NBA Finals. James can opt out of his contract with the Cavs next season and enter free agency. One of the teams that is rumoured to court him is the Sixers.

Will LeBron James feel right at home in Philadelphia? Former Sixers superstar Charles Barkley doesn’t seem to think so. The basketball player turned analyst argues that this will only ruin the balance created by the young core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid who are at the center of the Sixers’ line up. Barkley sees LeBron James’ need for the ball hurting the future of both players as the Sixers will likely circle around LeBron and hand him the reins of the offense.

There is another team that is rumoured to be in talks with LeBron — the Houston Rockets. What would a LeBron James, James Harden, and Chris Paul trio look like? Sports analysts have the Rockets overtaking the Golden State Warriors should this combination materialize. CBS sports sees the Rockets winning by 10 more and overtaking Golden State by as much as 38% to win the title. Should James end up in Houston, the adjustments will not come as easy though. Harden already had to compromise to give the ball to Paul, and with James in the picture, fans will be left to wonder who’s the alpha dog in this team.

Indeed, it’s an exciting time in the NBA.

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