Mike Giuffrida on Being a Sports Agent: 3 Key Points

Mike Giuffrida on Being a Sports Agent: 3 Key Points

3 Key Points to Remember About the Job of a Sports Agent by Mike Giuffrida

For Mike Giuffrida, the ultimate dream is to become a sports agent. He knows that becoming one, especially one “worthy” enough to join the ranks of such highly successful sports agents as Scott Boras, Constantin Dumitrascu, and Jorge Mendes (2017’s top 3 sports agents), he’d need more than a college degree.

Below are the top three key points that Mike Giuffrida spends all his free time on studying and researching:

Living out of a suitcase

Sports agents travel all over the country, and even the world when the need arises, to sign new talent. This is one of the most challenging aspects of the job of a sports agent particularly if you have a family that needs you back home. You’d practically be living in hotels, motels, and even your car to meet, negotiate, and convince athletes that you’re the right representative for them.

Building relationships

For a sports agent to become successful, he/she must have charisma; a charming personality that can make anyone pick your side or at least be open and receptive to your pitch. From building relationships with advertisers and sponsors to coaches and owners, you’ve got to have the skills to “work your way into the good side” of everyone that matters to your job. But the most important relationship of all is your relationship with your athletes and their respective families. This particular relationship is what can help you retain your athletes, and negotiate on their behalf, says Mike Giuffrida.

Analytical and negotiation skills

Finally, you’d need to be able to look at the big picture. When you negotiate your athletes’ contracts, you’d have to know what other players are worth, what other teams are offering, what your athletes’ strong points are, and how much they’re worth in your professional opinion. You’d have to have strong negotiation skills so that everyone walks away happy with the contract.

These are the key points that Mike Giuffrida is working hard to learn and master. Hopefully, when the time comes, he’ll have the chance to prove his own worth.


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